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Welcome to Solution Fitness

Would you like to be healthier?
Would you like to look and feel your best?

I am sure the answer is “yes.”
I promise that you can but you must know where to start.

Healthy living can be achieved with the right information and guidance from someone who has experience in helping others. I am that person with the knowledge and understanding who takes pride in the results and successes of my clients. I will be here for those of you who need direction and help along the way.

The first step will be getting your body tuned up. This will be accomplished through proper cardio, nutrition and resistance training. In doing so, you will gain strength, endurance and flexibility while learning how to read your body which will improve your mental health and self confidence.

Now is the time to make the decision to work toward a healthier you. Please stop in at Solution Fitness and let me show you through the facility and offer some information to help spur you toward a new adventure and a healthier YOU.


Chris Murray

Professional Trainer
Solution Fitness


Solution Fitness, Director of Training

Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ
Highly Favored and Blessed

Professional Trainer (CPT)
Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Graduate of University of North Carolina Wilmington
Jr. College Baseball - Lenior

Related studies:
Community Health
Health and Wellness
Wellness and Fitness

Formally with:
Gold’s Gym and Professional Fitness
Director of Training
Racine, Wilmington, NC
Long Leaf, Wilmington, NC

Working with Men and Women (Ages 9 to 92)
Specializing in: Adult Fitness, Children’s Training, Cardio Vascular Endurance, Strength and Resistance Training, Balance and Coordination, Agility Conditioning, Flexibility, Core